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First there were artists. Our “first loves” - the producers who were creating a sound we got lost in.

Trentemøller was perhaps the first. His deep, glitched-out dubwise techno was unlike anything we’d heard before. Then came Lulu Rouge with their similarly deep aesthetics, crystal clear production enveloping basslines and dub-techno-tinged atmospheres. This all felt like home, but we struggled to find more.

After much digging, slowly but surely more producers who worked with these seemingly Nordic-influenced sounds started to surface. Danish experimentalist Mike Sheridan, Icelandic producers Tonik Ensemble, Finnish producers Stene & Dullatron, and a small, but special world of creators opened up.

The music feels special. Underground and almost un-noticed, yet popular with those who know it. Sparkling hidden gems within a murky pool of music.

Our goal is to become a filter for these sounds. Curators of the rare and significant.

There is much to be discovered, and we hope you stick with us as we explore and evolve.